Brockwell, Bitcoin — an economic odyssey

 The following is a featured article in  Business News :

The following is a featured article in Business News:

Perth–raised Naomi Brockwell has carved out a most unusual career in the US, combining her twin passions for the arts and free-market economics.

Ten years ago, Naomi Brockwell was in a similar position to many other 19 year olds.

She’d spent two years at university, was not enthused by her economics studies, and decided to take a year off backpacking in Europe.

For Ms. Brockwell, however, there was a deeper unease about the Keynesian economics she was being taught.

“It didn’t make sense to me,” she said.

“I didn’t believe in the economics I was taught, I thought it was just false.”

After returning to Perth, the energetic Ms. Brockwell pursued her interest in the arts, studying acting at Curtin University and classical music at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

“It changed my life, the quality of teaching there is fantastic, and I fell madly in love with opera,” Ms. Brockwell told Business News.

She went to New York to pursue opera singing, expecting to stay for a few months, but is still bases there, making her debut with the New York Lyric Opera in 2013.

She has also pursued her lifelong interest in film making, setting up a production company in New York and, among many other things, working as an executive producer, casting director and actress on the 2014 thriller Subconscious.