(Video) The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin: Q&A with Filmmakers Nicholas and Dan Mross

“In the past, we’ve had the need for authority to make sure people stayed in the lines,” says Dan Mross, a subject in the new documentary The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin. “Bitcoin kind of encodes that into the software itself. So there’s not much to say against something that’s a cheap, proven, honest, transparent money system.”

Reason TV correspondent Naomi Brockwell caught up with Dan and his brother, Nicholas Mross, the movie’s director, at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. They discuss the challenges of making a film about an anonymous, online currency, the personalities behind bitcoin, the identity (or identities) of bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, and the prospects for bitcoin’s future as money.

(Video) Naomi Brockwell on Decentralized Media, Bitcoin

Naomi Brockwell talks about how she produced her hit Bitcoin Girl music video, why she values decentralized technologies like bitcoin, and what she thinks decentralization has in store for the future of media. Hear the full show: https://decentralize.fm/shows/episode-18-naomi-brockwell Special Guest: Naomi Brockwell Hosted By: Tony Sakich, James Walpole, & Eric Martindale Produced By: Chaz Ferguson Want more DECENTRALIZE?

(Video) Larry Parks Interviews Naomi Brockwell – Program Officer, The Moving Picture Institute

Naomi Brockwell studied Commerce at the University of Western Australia, and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Acting with a Minor in Business from Curtin University. and a Bachelor’s degree in classical music. She is the Executive Producer of and a leading actress in upcoming 2014 Feature Film Subconscious. She is on the Advisory Council of the Mannkal Foundation for Economic Education. Naomi is fluent in English, French, German, and Italian, and speaks conversational Russian. We’re going to be mostly discussing her work at the Moving Picture Institute, and the power of film to convey ideas.