Crypto Crimson

With nearly 30,000 views in two days, “Bitcoin Girl” is going viral. The video, four minutes long, portrays your typical Wall Street guy who is seemingly fascinated with, well… the bitcoin girl.

Throughout the music video, the Wall Street guy (Gianmarco Sores) can’t seem to catch the attention of the ever-so-evasive bitcoin girl. In his attempts, which countlessly fail, he finds his cash is no good in world where only bitcoin is welcome.

While the video is obviously a play on words, it is actually quite informative in terms of putting the often-confusing digital currency into layman’s terms.

And according to the film’s producer, Naomi Brockwell, who also happens to be the Policy Associate at Bitcoin Center NYC, that was the goal.

In a conversation with SF Weekly, Brockwell explains that it was her goal in making the video to clear up some of the common misconceptions often associated with the digital currency.

“Those who are unfamiliar with Bitcoin want to see it banned, while those who understand Bitcoin support it strongly. Essentially, the more people learn about Bitcoin, the more they like it.[…] Film is the best way to educate Americans about this exciting innovation.”

While Brockwell’s role in the video is quite amusing, make no mistake, the Australian native is no joke. Aside from her role at Bitcoin Center NYC, she revealed to Bitcoin Magazine in May that she remains an active member of the advisory council of the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, a program officer at the Moving Picture Institute, and CEO & founder of Rainsworth Productions.